Bitcoin's 12.3 million-digit code transformed into surreal paintings

Oscar Hollan
Oct 07, 2020
Korea IT Times

The Largest Work of Art in Bitcoin’s History, Portraits of a Mind Launches at Christie’s New York

Monica Younsoo Chung
Sep 23, 2020

对话佳士得Ben Gentilli:NFT的意义与数字艺术

Sep 25, 2020

A massive bitcoin artwork is being sold at Christie’s

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Sep 23, 2020

Christie’s New York to auction bitcoin inspired art NFT

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Sep 23, 2020

Leading Auction House Christie's Listing Bitcoin Art for the First Time

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Sep 24, 2020

Christie’s to Auction Robert Alice’s Bitcoin Inspired NFT Artwork

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Sep 24, 2020

Bitcoin-inspired art ‘Portraits of a Mind’ debuts at Christie’s New York

Sam Reynolds
Sep 23, 2020

Christie’s to sell its first non-fungible token as part of epic bitcoin artwork

Marie Huillet
Sep 23, 2020
Fintech Direct

Alice in blockchain wonderland with bitcoin art project

Antony Peyton
Sep 23, 2020
Europe World News

Christie’s is selling its first NFT token as part of a work of art based on the history of Bitcoin

Amber Baxter
Sep 23, 2020

Bitcoin kunstwerk Portraits of a Mind aangeboden bij veilinghuis Christie’s in New York

Jerrymie Marcus
Sep 27, 2020
Bitcoin Magazine

Gigantisch kunstwerk over eerste versie Bitcoin protocol geveild

Arnold Hubach
Sep 25, 2020

オークションハウス「Christie's New York」にビットコインアートが出品

谷田 正則
Sep 25, 2020
“This will be a landmark moment for Bitcoin’s culture to see Satoshi’s historic codebase exhibited on the global stage“
Monica Younsoo Chung
Portraits of a Mind is a landmark addition to both Bitcoin’s cultural history as well as art history itself. One of the most important historical documents of our time, Satoshi’s codebase has now been immortalised in art history.”
“Bitcoin represents a paradigm shift not only in money and value, but in the emerging subculture of decentralization and changing power structures. The early pioneers of Bitcoin are a fiercely proud and self-identifying tribe, and until now, have lacked the cultural objects and icons to signify their tribe. As an early Bitcoiner, this is the first object I am proud to hang on my wall to signal my history in the Bitcoin revolution.”