Each artwork is secured to the Bitcoin blockchain via a unit of BTC deposited in a wallet address unique to each painting and housed in the OpenDime key adhered to the reverse of each work.

The Bitcoin has been transferred from a master address, thus creating a chain of provenance on the Bitcoin ledger. In the OP_RETURN of each work you will find the details, including the name and codebase section of each work. This Opendime is used to authenticate the work. Without access to the OpenDime, the artist and their studio will not endorse the works authenticity, unless in extreme cases.

If you are in possession of an authentic work from Portraits of a Mind, for due diligence, please check upon receipt of the work that the OpenDime key is active and contains the authenticate information.

To check if the OpenDime has been tampered with or accessed and to check the authenticity of your OpenDime, please follow the instructions at